I am the artist known as Jet and I have dedicated my lifes passion and my life, in all of its existence, to provide the service of creating art to make change happen. After several years of journeying through life to find some sort of spiritual or religious significance to my existence I found my purpose and myself in art. I dedicated myself completely to my passion and I sacrificed my human needs and wants to give myself, entirely, to the spirit of human compassion.

In 2011 I moved to Austin, TX to share my dream and ideas with the world. After being graciously accepted into the art community I began share my philosophies and art with the community. I participated in art shows, festivals, and many local events, sharing and interpreting my art with as many people as possible.

I then took it a step further and created a method of exchanging art for good deeds. During one of the first art shows I participated in I gave people the option to have a print and in exchange they must promise to do one good deed. After handing out over 30 prints I discovered my path through art. Shortly after I created an online network in which anyone anywhere can exchange art for a good deeds. I sent paintings and prints all over the world to people who agreed to do a good deed for their community and in exchange they get a piece of my art.

I was then contacted my a man in Philadelphia interested in my exchange method. He asked for a painting of his family crest and wished I create a larger more complex piece of art. I absolutely agreed and I gave him the proposition to create a good deed that will transition more good deeds to occur from it and as much though as he placed on that idea is as much as I would put into the painting.

I then created The Jet Method of Exchange.